Critical Bench 2.0: A No-fluff, Honest Review


Critical Bench Review: Does It Work And Is It Right For You?

This Critical Bench review is intended for anyone interested in the program, or is looking for a way to increase their max bench in a relatively short amount of time.

Critical Bench is designed for people who are serious about significantly increasing their maximum bench press weight. However, if you are not serious about putting in the work needed to achieve the best results through this program, you should stop reading here. Anyone interested in upping their game and is looking for a feasible program to do so, should stay tuned! This critical bench review breaks down the program top to bottom to determine its worth.

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At A Glance

Program: Critical Bench 2.0

Author: Mike Westerdal

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: 47$

Recommended User: Anyone who has had a little bit of experience at the gym and is interested in upping their bench press game


  • Program is effective if you put in the work
  • Comprehensive and easy to follow
  • Author is a well known fitness expert
  • Extremely detailed program
  • Workouts can be done at home if you wish


  • The workouts can be done at home only if you have a bench press or a home gym
  • The program is not a magic solution for building muscle: hard work is required
  • To get full benefit you likely need some prior experience in the gym



The Claim

Critical Bench has just recently announced its 10 year anniversary, and for the past 10 years Mike Westerdal, the creator of Critical Bench, has been making the same claims. The product advertises that through Critical Bench you will be able to pack on ripped muscle, and strength all through bench press strength training workouts. Westerdal stands by his word that you be able to increase your bench press by 50 pounds in a little under 3 months.


About The Program: What Will You Be Getting Into

The Bench Press is the ultimate weight lifting platform for building overall upper body strength, and explosive power. Put plainly and simply, the entire focus of the program is to increase your maximum bench press weight. By following the program closely, you can significantly increase your max bench in a relatively short amount of time.

Ultimately, Critical Bench is built on the core theory of progressive increase in lifting critical bench reviewweight. The idea is that you can increase your bench weight relatively quickly but in a completely natural and healthy way. As you incrementally increase your bench weight, your body will adjust to the to the constant change it undergoes. This allows you to naturally build more strength over time. To be completely transparent however, there is more of a detailed approach to increasing your bench despite this seemingly simple methodology.

The program takes on a more scientific approach to undergoing this transformation since It provides a detailed outline on how to routinely increase your bench weight and allow for your body to adjust. For the sole purpose of promoting upper body strength that allows for a more rapid increase in your bench press weight, additional exercises are outlined.

critical bench scamA whole host of tips and tricks that are often underutilized in the bodybuilding industry are provided through the program. By implementing these tricks correctly you can gain massive increases in benching weight and overall physical strength over time.

Equally importantly, the program outlines easy to follow nutrition guidelines and instruction on the mental component of body building. Many people dismiss diet and particularly overcoming mental barriers as unimportant components to body building. However, Critical Bench outlines how essential both are and goes into detail on how you can master both components.


Who is Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal, the author of Critical Bench is a well-known expert in the bodybuilding industry.

After playing D-1 football at Central CT State University, Mike went on to coach football before earning his personal training qualifications. Today, Mike lives in Clearwater Florida where he regularly trains for numerous power lifting tournaments.

Hailed for his knowledge of muscle building and strength building, Mike is a frequent contributor of multiple muscle building and fitness magazines. You can also find many of Westerdal’s articles on his own site. Mike, compiled much of the most essential information about weightlifting from his own experience and independent research into critical bench.

Ultimately, Mike had a difficult time from an early age putting on weight. He has admitted before that he was not blessed with outstanding genetics and since he was a teen his true motivation was to overcome his challenges and put on muscle. Over years of progressive training, personal training and consulting with body builders and fitness experts alike, Mike knows just about ever trick in the book. The inspiration for Critical Bench in Mikes eyes is to help those struggling to increase their gains and bench by providing them with the necessary information to do so.

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What is included in the program?

1. The Critical Bench 2.0 Program

This book is basically the the complete workout manual. It includes detailed descriptions and instructions on lifting techniques, training perimeters, workout and exercise descriptions.

In addition, the part of the program outlines the nutritional component as well as the development of a powerful lifting mindset. This part of the package outlines everything you need to know about how to progressively increase your max bench press weight week by week through clear and organized instruction.

2. Customized Training Logs

The training logs are designed to assist you in your journey to putting on massive gains in your max bench press weight.The training logs determine what workout schedule is best for you to achieve your goals since they cater to your body type, objectives and workout patterns.

3. Bench Press Fundamentals (online DVD)

Often times, the pictures in the books just don’t always do justice.

The DVD explains how to properly bench press with details on good technique and form. These videos break down the exercises from bottom up, and explain the theory behind them. This way will develop a solid foundation for putting on massive gains.

Equally importantly, the DVD goes into detail on the little tips and tricks that your can implement right away into your workouts that will result in often instant gains in max bench when implemented properly.

4. Bonus Material
  1. Critical Reload Routine: After completing the Critical Bench program your body will need a critical bench scambreak for a bit after the period of high intensity workouts. This addition goes into detail on the exercises, techniques and habits you can implement to recover your muscles and joints. In order to avoid injury due to lifting after the program is complete, the bonus material also provides discussion on how to do so.
  2. Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors: This section reveals extensive interviews with power lifters and body builders that Mike has met over his life long fitness career. These interviews provide insight on some of the lesser known lifting tricks and tips that can set you apart from the average gym goer.
  3. Critical Exercise Guide: This guide explains how to do many of the major lifting exercises  properly in order to achieve the best results. There are many fine details in these major lifting exercises- many of which are ignored. Critical Bench aims to flesh out those finer details and bring to light how to implement them effectively. By following these instructions carefully however, you will be much less likely to become injured.
  4. The Creatine Report: Creatine is a somewhat controversial supplement in the body building critical bench programindustry. There is a good amount of confusion around it. This report lays out plainly what the benefits of creatine are, the drawbacks, and how to use it properly. By following this report, you will know how to properly use the supplement to produce noticeable results.

Pros- Critical Bench Review

  • When followed closely you will see drastic increases in your bench weight as well as muscle growth
  • Easy to follow layout as well as comprehensive instruction
  • Written by an expert in the industry who is extremely knowledgeable about the subject
  • You can understand the importance of certain techniques since the theories behind each technique are thoroughly explained
  • The only materials needed are a bench press, a barbell, plates, and dumbbells, meaning that you can gain maximum benefit from a simple home gym
  • The program simply shows what works and what doesn’t since there are many false claims in the body building industry

 Cons- Critical Bench Review

  • This is not an easy solution to gaining muscle or increasing bench weight. Keep in mind that an easy solution for both these things really does not exist however. You must have some dedication to the program to see results
  • You may need prior experience in weight lifting to reap all the benefits. It would be difficult for anyone completely new to weight lifting to pick up and understand all the information.
  • If you don’t have the proper equipment, a gym membership is needed although the program claims you can do everything from home.

Reviews From The Website

“I had been stuck at the 300 pound plateaufo r almost a year, and was skeptical at first. But with this program based on progressive overload training, I was astounded by the gains in strength that I made in just 10 weeks. The training tips were invaluable!”- Brad Bartos, M.D.

“I’ve been lifting for 7 years have always been involved in athletics and have seen a 60lb increase in my bench since I started the program it took me to the next leve. Next is the 500lb barrier”- Nick Sainis

“I decided to try the program after my gbother had such great success. I had been stucka t 340 lbs for a while, but the program helped me breat through that sticking point. After the ten week program I put up 390 lbs!”-Angelo Griffin

The Cost

The entire program, including all the reading material, and video instruction amounts to 67.00 dollars. The vast amount of material however, and the amazing value you recieve however is well worth the cost in my opinion.

Much of the information comes from Mike Westerdal as well as many of the most prominent fitness experts and body builders in the industry. This being said, the material in the program should not be taken lightly. It is not simply general, washed up information you would find on the internet. The material you get is laid out in a organized and systematic way so that you can learn the well researched theory of specific lifting movement, and techniques. From then on the program lays out how you can specifically integrate this theory into your workouts for the best effect. The clear and concise instruction is a worthwhile investment if you are considering taking your game to the next level.


The program claims that you can gain 50 pound on your bench in 10 weeks. At the end of the day is this really possible?

The answer is yes. If you follow the detailed instruction closely, work hard for the course of 10 weeks and utilize all of the programs information, you can certainly achieve this feat.

Personally I recommend this program to anyone who is interested at all in taking their weight lifting and physique to the next level.

It is also noteworthy that the amount of content, the money is most certainly worth what you pay for. The program provides anything you need to know on how you can step up your game. Really all you need to do is implement Mike’s teachings to reap the benefits.

In conclusion, the best part is that its completely risk free. If you try the program and it just isn’t for you, Critical Bench offers a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked and no strings attached.

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I hope this Critical Bench Review was a helpful- Thank you for reading!