Why Bench

Bench Press Benefits: Why the bench press is acclaimed to be the best upper body exercise 

Everyone lauds bench pressing as the ultimate body building exercise- and for good reason too. Yes, if you can bench the most out of everyone at the gym you get bragging rights but aside from the ego boost, (which is always nice) why is this exercise essential? There are many bench press benefits.

Well, lets break it down…

Increased Upper Body Strength

Its not a secret that bench pressing is one of the cornerstone ways to increasing your upper body strength. Although the movement its self seems simplistic, it is one of the most natural yet effective movements for building massive chest muscles and developing explosive power. It is simply a tried and true ways for building overall strength.

Compound Movement that Works other Muscles

Yes you will likely build chest muscle if you incorporate bench pressing into your workout regimen. That’s what the exercise is known to do. However, it is one of the most fundamental compound movements in weight lifting. The primary muscles that the exercise targets are the various parts of the chest, and the triceps. However you cant forget that the exercise also works the shoulders, forearms, and all the stabilizer muscles such as the core.

Undeniable Chest and Muscle Development

Compound movements in general are great for promoting general muscle growth. Benching in particular is arguably the most effective exercise for developing a massive chest. The dumbbell press, inclined press, and push ups are all great exercises that will grow your chest muscles and whatnot but they are all based on the same fundamental movement that bench pressing provides.

Muscle and Bone Health

Like nearly all weight training exercises, bench pressing is known to promote bone health. As you build muscle through compound movements like benching you also have the capacity for bone development in addition. building muscle strength results in other physiological benefits

Strength and explosive power helps you in other sports

The general pushing movement that benching targets is used in just about every sport- not just football! Although the bench press is not necessarily most effective for one sport specifically, building a strong upper body is important for just about any physical sport.

Bragging Rights

How could we forget the bragging rights. If you can bench the most out of everyone at the gym then yes, you indeed have every right to flaunt this achievement!


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